Your physical AND mental health are everything! Get the plan and support you need!

Reduce inflammation, Support your gut, end cravings, and Create a brilliant body!

Your physical AND mental health are everything! Get the plan and support you need!

You are tired of feeling exhausted and bloated. You understand the importance of gut health but where do you start? You have no time or energy to research and plan balanced meals. Let us make it easy for you!
You are tired of feeling exhausted and bloated. You understand the importance of gut health but where do you start? You have no time or energy to research and plan balanced meals. Let us make it easy for you!

Ready to Start Showing Your Body Some Love?

If so, I know the secrets.

First, here's the problem...

You wish there was an easier way...

We've Got You Covered!

  • Have Confidence: Know that the meal you are eating and feeding your family is free from toxins, heavy metals, and that it is well balanced for gut and brain health. 
  • ​Reduce Inflammation: Nip chronic inflammation in the butt and stop feeling bloated and tired all the time. 
  • ​Detox and Refresh: Fuel your body with food designed to get rid of toxins and replenish your system. 
  • ​Improve Your Energy: Feel your energy skyrocket. Your whole family will seem overall happier. 
  • Clear Your Mind: By eating meals loaded with brain boosting foods, see your memory improve and brain fog lift. Watch your kids learn faster. 

$14.99 Month
No Commitments

What Makes This Meal Plan Membership Unique?

  • Designed to Reduce Inflammation While Improving Gut and Brain HealthEvery meal is balanced with clean protein, healthy fats, and fiber.
  • ​Minimal Cooking Involved! The meals in this program are SO easy, many of which don't require any cooking, because I know your time is valuable. 
  • OPTIONS: Choose between the strict, flexible, or dairy and gluten free plans each month. 
  • Approved Brands Shopping Made Easy: Not only do I give you a complete list of all the brands I have researched and trust, but I go further to break it down by online store with the direct links, so you can add it to your cart with just a click. 
  • Quick Guide On How To Meal Prep For Each Week: Have you ever had a meal plan, then come home with the groceries confused on how to actually start. I tell you how to prepare for the week including what to cut, how to organize, and which meals you can make ahead of time. 
  • Complete Grocery List: Just download and bring it with you or shop online for easy grocery shopping. 
  • ​Bonuses That Impress: Full length fitness videos, kids guide to healthy eating, healthy dessert options, Q&A forum, and more!! 

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

What if you could stop worrying about what is actually healthy for you and what is not? Imagine feeling confident that everything you ate and fed to your family fueled your bodies and minds for thriving physical and mental health. 

How would life be different if you could let go of the guilt from eating and feeding your kids convenience foods? Instead your whole family will thank you for giving them tasty nutrient dense food that was quick and easy to prepare. 

Created for those who understand the importance of healthy eating but don't have the time or desire to do the research, plan healthy meals, or spends hours cooking.

Nutrition Made Simple ($520 Value)

What you get for $14.99 Month: 

Option for gluten and diary free meal plan included! 

MONTHLY MEAL PLAN AND GROCERY LIST (Gluten and dairy free option included): Recipes are incredibly simple and require 10 minutes or less of prep time. Many meals require no cooking at all. All meals are designed to reduce inflammation and improve gut and brain health. Checklist included to tell you exactly how to prep for the week. ($120 Value)

Learn from us which brands are healthy and free from toxins. Shopping guide to Amazon, Target, and Thrive Market with direct links to products we trust. ($240 Value)

Ask me anything! This is an incredibly affordable way to get your personal nutrition questions answered. Email me any question regarding your health, nutrition, or fitness and I can help guide you towards success. ($80 value) 

Learn about topics we get asked most often and get the tools needed to implement any coaching recommendations. Also, get 20% off one on one coaching session. ($80 Value)

Plus... SIX Irresistible Bonuses for FREE ($240 Value)!


Feel Amazing and Get Fit

Full length upper body, lower body, full body, and cardio workout videos.


Picky Eaters Have No Fear!

This guide will help you easily provide well balance meals for every kid.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Guilt

When you need a sweet treat, refer to this guide and feel amazing!


Eat What You Love

Don't like an ingredient, no problem! Substitute it for another ingredient with similar nutritional value.

For an Extra Anti-Inflammatory Boost

Try these satisfying smoothies which all contain ingredients known to lower histamine and combat inflammation.
It's not common sense... So let us guide you!
Why Should You Trust Me?
  • First of all, I have the education. I am a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, a Holistic Health Coach, I am Certified in Holistic Nutrition Coaching, and I teach group fitness
  • Second, I have the experience. I have worked with hundreds of clients with various physical and emotional needs. I have helped them maximize their quality of life through diet and lifestyle modifications, reduce pain, heal from injury, and so much more!
  • Third, ​I practice what I preach! This is exactly how I eat and feed my family. By implementing strategies that I coach others on, I have been able to live a healthy and fulfilling life. 
  • ​Lastly, I've been there! I am a  Mother of two young children and understand the business of life and the struggles with getting my family to eat healthier. I have worked through my own healthy issues and have healed by body through food, fitness, and lifestyle modifications. I want to share all I have learned along the way so you too can live out your best life!

Hi, I'm Valerie!

I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified in Holistic Nutrition, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. 

I grew up outside of Burlington, Vermont, took some time to travel with my husband, and now live in Maine with my husband and two young children. I work one-on-one with clients to improve their nutrition, manage their stress, help them build healthy and sustainable habits, and more. 

I am incredibly passionate about working with women and families. I appreciate the challenges of having kids and trying to live my healthiest life! 

My mission is to help women bring balance back to their bodies and their life, so that they can live out the life of their dreams. 

  This Membership is for You If You are….
1. Caring about you and your family's physical and mental health but need an easier way to feed and support everyone.

2. Passionate about your health and want to live a long, vibrant life. 

3. Busy! This program is designed to take the pressure off yourself and give you a very simple plan to create a healthy family. 

4. Motivated to clean up your diet but don't know where to start. 

5. Wanting your questions answered. We will respond to all your health and nutrition related questions. If we don't know the answer, we will do the research. 
What are you waiting for... Let's get started!
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Can I Cancel At Any Time?
Absolutely, but we bet you won't want to! Cancel at any time and you will not be charged for the next month. 
What If I don't end up using the program?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find that you are using it in the first month, we will refund you. Any month after that you can just cancel at any time. 
Will I feel overwhelmed?
Exactly the opposite. This membership is created to save you time and bring nutritious foods to your household without all of the planning and hours cooking. The recipes are as easy as they get and the shopping list is done for you!
What if I don't like to cook?
Guess what... neither do I! For most meals you won't have to cook at all, and for the others, the recipes could not get any easier. 
What if I am a picky eater?
No worries, you don't have to follow the program exactly. Pick a meal from the monthly meal plan that you love to substitute that night. 
Can I download the meal plan onto my phone?
Absolutely. We tell you how to save the webpage on the home screen of your phone and it is so easy to use! 

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